Lent 2011 – Week 2

14–18th March

Bible Reading: Matthew 5-7Open Link in New Window
Participating in the Kingdom

Monday 14th March: Matthew 5:1-20Open Link in New Window

Tuesday 15th March: Matthew 5:21-48Open Link in New Window

Wednesday 16th March: Matthew 6:1Open Link in New Window=18

Thursday 17th March: Matthew 6:19-34Open Link in New Window

Friday 18th March: Matthew 7Open Link in New Window

Prayer Guide:
As Jesus teaches his disciples to pray, ‘Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ let us pray for uas to be obedient to His will in our lives.

Please pray for:

  • Pastorates and home groups at St Matthew’s that they will be places of friendship, acceptance and transformation.
  • Pastorate and home group leaders that they will continue to deepen their dependence on God and His leading.
  • The ‘Building Community’ team that God will continue to lead and guide them in all that they do.
  • For all those that give their time in the area of hospitality and welcome at St Matthew’s.

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