The Big Little Easter Story

Express what Jesus’ death and resurrection mean to you

The big idea
This is a fun way of showing what the story of Jesusʼ death and resurrection at Easter means for us. The challenge is to take your shoe box and work together with some others – your family, some friends, a small group – or on your own if you prefer. In the box, you need to make something that represents what Easter means to you.

Make a hole about the size ofa50p piece in one end of your box. Your scene will be viewed through this hole.
some ideas…
You can use whatever materials you like and be as creative as you like, as long as it fits in the box!
It can be abstract or literal, humorous, serious, minimalist, extravagant…whatever! Express whatever you want to about the Easter story and what it means for you today.
You could use:

  • pictures cut out from magazines or newspapers
  • your own artwork
  • natural stuff like twigs, plants, flowers
  • lego/duplo/playmobil
  • images and words
  • Bible verses
  • remember your scene will be ‘viewed’ through the hole in the end of your box.

Watch the explanation video from St Paul’s Auckland and take a look at their final exhibition.

On Easter Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have an Art Exhibition, where we can all come and look at what we’ve done – and invite our friends to come and see too. All the boxes will be lit from above, and people will be able to ‘peep’ through the hole in the end to see your scene. You may like to fill in the enclosed card to explain why you have made what you have in your box. That will be posted above the box at the exhibition.

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