Changing Tunes Concert

Saturday, 26 March 2011 @ 8.00pm

Changing Tunes employs a small number of incredibly-talented musicians to work in a number of prisons across the South of England. They run sessions where, using the medium of music, prisoners very often rediscover a latent, and often incredible, talent for either playing an instrument, singing, or song writing. Relationships with our musicians are developed over a period of time and, unlike similar organisations, often continue once prisoners are released. Working with prisoners doesn’t often make the media, and connotations are often very negative.

The primary objective of Changing Tunes is, by finding something like musical ability which restores a feeling of value and self-worth, to reduce the chance of re-offending, and we have been very successful in this respect.

From time-to-time, we hold concerts, with a mixture of our enabling musicians and ex-prisoners (there is no entrance charge), and we promise you an evening which will be both memorable and very entertaining, with a very high standard of music. Musical styles will be everything from Beatles ballads to Oasis rock numbers !

This forthcoming concert will be at Woodlands Centre. The event will feature between 4 and 7 ex-prisoners and we will be launching two albums by long-time CT ambassador David Comer, one a Beatles tribute and one of original songs.

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