November Letter from Mat

“Someone told me once that all desire is the desire to be with God, in substitute form. Perhaps we can draw attention not to the shadows on the wall but to the source of light itself.”

Russell Brand quoted in Third Way magazine.

What are my and your desires? What do we seek and hunger after? A Christian response is to say, we desire that God’s kingdom comes and God’s will is done. That is good and right. But are we prepared to be agents of that to happen, are we prepared to be those who consistently point to the true light, Jesus?

A week or so ago I had the privilege of attending Malcolm Widdecombe’s funeral. Malcolm had been vicar at ‘Pip and Jay’ in the centre of Bristol for 46 years. He had spent that time faithfully preaching the gospel. During this time many came to faith in Jesus and approximately £3million was given to mission around the world. Quite a legacy! The funeral service was a ‘joyful one’ in thankfulness to God for a life well lived tinged with sadness at his loss. The chosen reading was from Matthew 6:25-34Open Link in New Window, part of the ‘sermon on the mount’. The message; ‘don’t worry; trust God’, that is how Malcolm lived. That same morning I had been at a conference where Steve Chalk of Oasis had been speaking about taking the opportunities to be the body of Christ practically and spiritually in the world. Opportunities made greater by the government spending review.

For me all this teaching and experience comes together in the call to be ‘Salt and Light in the world’. God is calling us at St Matthew’s to continue on our journey of giving of ourselves in Dove Street, through Changing Tunes, through the Ark. Calling us to continue to give of ourselves and desire to be the agents of God’s kingdom coming and God’s will being done. I find it encouraging and exciting that as we grow as disciples, as we give of ourselves to the world, the church grows in number. But then, is that not exactly what happened in Acts ‘the Lord added to their number daily’? So let’s continually draw attention to the light of the world, desiring that light and not the shadows that are cast.


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