Would you like to try a retreat?

If you would be interested in going on a retreat with other St Matt’s people over two days, either for the first time or as part of your regular spiritual journey, then please speak to Joyce Caithness or Mat Ineson.

Venue, silent or otherwise to be decided dependant on interest, we’re
thinking of October/November this year

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Big Dig Day

St Matthew’s was originally heated by a large coal fired boiler down in the basement. For many years coal was delivered to the cellar via a chute and shovelled into the boiler – hot and thirsty work requiring a constant flow of refreshment in old communion wine bottles. The resultant ash (and empty bottles) were piled up to one side – and the pile grew and grew until one day…an oil fired boiler was installed instead. We are gradually digging out the old ash and rubble to reclaim the cellars.

From about 9.30 am we want as many helpers as possible to help digging, hauling, filling skips, making tea and generally mucking in (with the promise of plenty of muck). There will be jobs for all on the day so please put this in your diary. Bring old clothes! For further information (or if you can get discount on skip hire!) please contact Simon Pugh-Jones.

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Church Prayer Meeting

This evening upstairs in the Church.

Do come and pray and be inspired by God.

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Prayer Walk

We will gather at church, then divide into teams and go out and pray for people, places and projects within our area. Do come and join us!

For more info, contact Gwynneth Pugh-Jones

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