March letter from Mat

There have been many occasions in the past 3½ years that I have thanked God for the St Matthew’s community. The last month has been another of those times. I have personally known the prayers, love and support of the church and that has meant a tremendous amount. Thank you. I also know that all those directly involved in the terrible truths we have faced have known that too.

In the midst of this difficult period many, including myself, have also known the strong presence, guidance and love of God. It is incredible that in our most difficult times the scriptures speak even more powerfully of our loving God’s grace and provision. Were I to share each of those scriptures now this would be a very long bulletin. So I will restrict myself to one. 1 Corinthians 13:6-7Open Link in New Window say this about love,

“it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”

There has been and will continue to be much in this for us as a community but its truth is not restricted to the past month’s events. Imagine what the world, and our relationships would be like, if we lived by this Godly definition of love; in truth, openness, humility and forgiveness. And isn’t that what we are called to live like as a community of disciples, in the big things and the small things?

As we look towards the Easter story we see the most perfect demonstration of love as Jesus gives himself up to die on the cross for us. There we see glorified the love of God for the whole world. There also we can receive the love of God in all its fullness in spite of our failings and weaknesses. And three days later we celebrate God’s victory in Jesus as sin and death are defeated in resurrection. We are redeemed, and saved and there is immeasurable joy.

Last month is behind us and we must move on together in God’s love and God’s ways. There is still pain to be healed. There are still some issues to be faced. But we must not dwell unnecessarily in the hard times. Rather we are called to embrace the future together with God in love, seeking the joy and healing of resurrection. May God continue to bless us and build us into a deep community of love and faith. Praise God!


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