Morning Worship

Sunday, 29 November 2009 @ 10.30am

Advent Sunday—The Annunciation: making a costly decision
Leaders: Revds Tanya Lord & Mat Ineson
Preacher: Richard Pendlebury
Luke 1:26-38Open Link in New Window Jeremiah 33:14-16Open Link in New Window

Our 2nd Hospitality Sunday—some of us cook lunch, the others turn up and share it! The idea, quite simply, is that everyone in the congregation is encouraged to join together after the Sunday morning service and have lunch together at people’s homes. Some will host and some will be guests. All you have to do is sign up to say that you will participate; those who are willing and able to host (but may end up being guests if we have too many hosts) will need to signal that. Those who hosted last time will be encouraged to be guests this time. Sign up notices will be put up on 1 November and we will do the rest; ensuring that the opportunity is used for you to meet new people or spend time with people who you may not know particularly well.
Reader 1: Shirley Gorst
Reader 2: Tim Tiley
Intercessions: Tracey W
Sound: Andrew H
Projector: Dom H
Music: Stephen B

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