Important Meeting!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 @ 7.45pm

There is a sense of excitement about all that God is doing amongst us at the moment and a lot to thank God for. I am very aware that some are feeling that they don’t know what is happening, what the next steps may be or why things are changing. So the PCC and I have decided that we should try and communicate the church vision that is exciting us to the whole church in a more direct way. This communication process will also share some of the good things that are happening as we see that vision bear fruit by God’s grace. Our hope is that this will inspire and encourage each of us.

The process involves inviting any who would like, to come to a meeting. I will then ask each attendee at the meeting to arrange a time to speak to someone who didn’t attend that meeting in order to share what they heard. Obviously we will put you in contact with one another. I will be writing to everyone whose address we have to explain more. Do look out for this.

If we don’t currently have your contact details then do pass them on to the office or add them to the book in church.

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