Bristol Nights

Monday, 12 October 2009 @ 7.45pm

Bristol Nights is an outreach initiative which is bringing together Christians from across the denominations to serve in an exciting and unique project.

Using the Bristol Bus Project double decker as a base, Bristol Nights provides a highly visible Christian presence, a safe haven, a warm drink and a listening service on Bristol City Centre between the hours of Midnight and 3am each Friday and some Saturday evenings.

But we are more than just a free drinks service. Volunteers take the presence of Jesus out to those who perhaps otherwise would not even consider the church being relevant to them. There is something wonderful about a late night conversation, an openness and an honesty rarely encountered in the cold light of day. The teams involved find themselves equally blessed as they seek to bless others,

‘This sort of thing is really needed to help these kids. They could easily end up in trouble.’ A Police Officer from Central Police Station

‘I think what you guys are doing here is amazing. I can’t believe you want to be here for us at 2am.’ 19 yr old female clubber.

‘This is the best experience of Jesus I’ve had in my life so far.’ 40 yr old male

Jesus never commanded us to sit in our churches and wait for the people to come. This is what he said… “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15Open Link in New Window

If you would like to get involved there is a training event coming up on the 12th October at Trinity College so please have a chat with Glenn and Tanya Lord or check the website

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