Morning Worship

Sunday, 11 October 2009 @ 10.30am

Contagious Christians 2—6 Styles of Evangelism
Each of Jesus’ 12 disciples was different; each of us communicates the good news differently. What’s my ‘style’?

Leader: Richard Pendlebury
Preacher: Revd Tanya Lord
John 20:19-23Open Link in New Window

Tanya says: For Sunday’s sermon we are looking at six styles of evangelism as part of our ‘Becoming a contagious Christian’ series. Please spare a few minutes to fill in the attached form which will give you a better understanding of your evangelistic gifts.
Questionnaire for Sunday Morning Service 11 Oct 2009
Sermon notes – Contagious Christians 2
Reader 1: Peter Middleton
Reader 2: Margaret Adams
Intercessions: Andrew Lucas
Sound: Tim Snowdon
Projector: Rick Parsons
Music: Adam Kishtainy

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