Community Consultation

As part of our on-going discussions about ‘The Ark’ building, it has been decided to undertake a period of community consultation. The aim of this is to ask those who live and work locally about their views on the building and what they might imagine it being used for. We are asking people what they think the area needs and also their opinions on suggestions that have already been put forward by those in St Matthew’s and Bristol Christian Fellowship.

The consultation is going to take a number of different forms, but the main one is a team of volunteers from both churches going door-to-door with a questionnaire.

We need as many volunteers as possible! Full training will be given and there is the option to go in pairs. I know that for some this might seem like quite a daunting task, but it is a great opportunity to get out and about, meet people and hear what people think.

The consultation will happen over two weeks: October 12th – October 23rd.

Within this time-frame, volunteers are free to organise their own schedule but the time commitment will roughly be 2-3 evenings. One evening to deliver the questionnaires, and a couple more to collect them and do some consultations on the door.

[hidepost]To volunteer or for more information, contact Vicky.[/hidepost]

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