August Letter from Mat

Last Sunday’s readings were from Mark 6Open Link in New Window, the feeding of the 5000. Just before that story we are told that Jesus is trying to take the disciples somewhere quiet for a bit of rest and relaxation. It doesn’t work because the crowds follow Jesus. Jesus has compassion on them, teaches them and miraculously provides food for them. Nevertheless Jesus is seeking rest for his disciples and himself. Rest and recreation are an important part of life.

In Genesis God rests on the seventh day after 6 days of work; that is why we have a Sabbath. We are commanded to rest in the 10 commandments. It is good to rest.

As a community we at St Matthew’s have been busy with many good things over the past few months. Thank you to all those involved in the many and varied activities of St Matthew’s. I pray that God has and will use them to build his kingdom amongst us. And now, as we come to August it’s time to rest, to reflect and to renew, to be re-created in God and by God. As a sign of that I’m going to leave the rest of this page blank—except to say I look forward to our worship together this summer and to returning refreshed and ready for all that God has in store in the autumn. Have a good, blessed and Godly August.


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