Summer in the Workshop 2009

Please support Richard Pendlebury & the Community of Emmaus Bristol by coming to their ‘Summer in the Workshop 2009’ at Barton Manor.

Enjoy hog roast, soft drinks, quiz, raffle & auction. Contact the office for details.

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Homegrown Party

To conclude the Kingsdown Homegrown day.

The local group, Earth Lings will provide us with jolly music from a broad selection of world music. Expect a very lively evening which will get old and young dancing; with our usual fantastic spread of food and drinks. Tickets will be on sale mid September from the Church Office.

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Music Group Practice

The first of the new season Come if you are interested, or talk to Stephen Browne first.

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Your Staff Team

Since I arrived the staff team has grown from Mat, Joyce & Jackie to a team of 7 now including Cath, Tanya, Vicky and Ali. At a recent staff meeting and in response to a question I have received we thought it would be good to remind you of our roles and also our passions. And also to re-iterate that we exist to serve the Community of St Matthew’s in this place at this time and to further the Vision of the church and the mission of all God’s people. So, each of us have written a brief paragraph describing our role and passions. Do speak to us about them, ask us questions and continue to pray for us as we do for you. It is a real privilege to work for St Matthew’s.

Mat Ineson

My official title is Priest-in-Charge of St Matthew and St Nathanael (65%) and partnership priest in the Highbury Church Partnership (which is St Matt’s, Cotham and St Paul’s—35%). At present with the vacancy in the neighbouring benefice I am involved more than I have been since I arrived. I have overall leadership responsibility in partnership with the PCC.

My passions are to see the church of God grow in maturity and size and especially to see people develop in their own gifting, taking their part in the body of Christ. I really enjoy being priest in charge at St Matt’s and working with the teams of people here. I’m really excited by all that God has planned for us in the coming months and years and am looking forward to people coming to faith in Christ and continuing to grow in following Christ.

Revd. Joyce Caithness

Ordained Local Minister – non stipendiary, part time 15 hours per week!

My role covered as OLM at St Matthew’s includes preaching, presiding & leading at services across the Highbury Partnership; oversight of Pastoral care in St Matthew’s together with Mat and Minty Hull, Prayer Co-ordinator; prayer with, and mentoring of, people within and outside St Matthews; and as Mat is very fond of saying I am one of those who carries the ‘history’ of St Matthews which ages me considerably!!

Obviously the above role is not the easiest to ‘pin down’ a wide but interesting brief which has its highs and lows and all shades in between.

Tanya Marie Lord

My position is one of Training Curate, Mat and the team are teaching me how to encourage equip and support a worshipping community in its ministry and mission to each other and the community at large.

Alongside diocesan training days I have spent my first few weeks at St Matt’s getting to know the area and some of the people, and discovering where we are at as a congregation.

I am passionate about sharing our faith in Christ and love to see people growing in their personal commitment to Jesus, and finding themselves doing things for the Lord that they would never have thought possible! I am thrilled to be part of what the Lord is doing and going to do at St Matt’s and look forward to spending the next four years with you. My husband Glenn, daughter Mary and I would like to thank everyone at St Matthew’s for making us feel so welcome.

Vicky Wright

Community Minister

“The local church is the hope of the world” Bill Hybels

I want to see God’s people (us) released through His love and power to bring His message of hope and transformation to our local community (Kingsdown) and beyond…

In practice this means I spend time chatting with people about what is going on locally, I develop relationships with other local churches, organisations and networks and I help encourage and organise local events. I think about how we can communicate who we are and what we are up to at St Matthew’s, I have the privilege of encouraging and supporting others’ ideas about engaging with our local community and I help the staff and those who lead us think strategically about mission and engagement.

I also spend time loitering in coffee shops, writing sermons and running round trying to find church keys that I’ve lost.

Ali Berry

Youth & Children’s Minister – Part time

There are 4 aspects to my role—youth work within the church; youth & children bridges within the parish; developing & supporting those involved with youth work within St Matthew’s; new initiatives.
My passion for the youth ministry here is to see our young people grow in their love for Jesus and in confidence in the ways they can serve Him in the church and in their lives; grow together as a pocket of community within St Matthew’s; and bring others into the group & see it grow.

I am passionate about evangelism; being with children/young people (hence detached & messy church initiatives are so exciting); looking out for & working alongside a fantastic team of youth leaders (humbling!).

Cath Hubbuck

Children’s Minister

I love to see children growing in faith by providing them with a wide range of opportunities to explore and discover more about Jesus. I also love to welcome children and families to our church, who otherwise have little or no contact with the Church and to see them feel at home here. I believe that faith in action—what we do and say and how we serve others—can powerfully show more of what Jesus is like.

My regular week at work involves planning, resourcing, preparing, overseeing and organising the staffing of the activities for children on a Sunday morning—from crèche-age children, to Tiddlywinks and the 5-11s in Sunday Groups. Some weeks this involves evening meetings with leaders to plan for these activities. At other times there is evening planning for the all-age worship services. My work also sees me running Toddlers every Tuesday morning and welcoming some 45 children and their parents or carers to St Matthew’s church for fun and friendship. One Saturday a month there is a Saturday Morning Playtime session. From the Autumn there will be a monthly Messy Church service to plan and resource and I also hope to set up a friendship and informal support group for Mums.

Jackie Burnell

Church Administrator – Part time 15 hours per week
Mon & Tues 9-1pm, Thurs 9-12 noon & Fri 9-1pm

I look after the admin side of things, church service requirements, hall bookings etc (including keeping Mat in order).

I love my job and am blessed by the privilege of being at the centre (in the office!) of all that goes on at St Matthew’s. Exciting times!

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