May Letter from Mat

I hope you had a good Easter. I certainly enjoyed Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Eggsplore and Easter day. Thanks must go to all involved in making Easter possible, from those who clean the building and prepare floral displays to those musicians, singers, worship planners, reflection leaders, and preachers who made it possible. Thank you.

I’m always intrigued by Jesus’ post resurrection appearances. He seems to move from the heavenly realm to ours and back again to encourage, teach and prepare his astonished disciples for the next stage of their incredible journey.

I guess they may have been wondering, ‘after resurrection what more can there be! Surely it’s all over now.’ But that is not God’s plan. Jesus is risen, death is defeated, all can be saved through Jesus but they won’t know that unless they are shown and told, unless Jesus disciples witness to it. And so Jesus prepares his disciples to become the missionary church, charged with making disciples of all nations in the power of the Holy Spirit who is coming soon.

In many ways the disciple’s position mirrors our position as a church. We are becoming increasingly confident in our faith in Christ and God’s power at work in us. I see glimpses and encouragements of that in many different ways in individual’s lives and through our worship together. Now it is time to witness Christ’s resurrection to those thousands around us who don’t know Christ for themselves. That’s not to say that we are not already doing that to a degree, but it is to challenge us to take an extra step, an extra risk, an extra prayer. And I say that to myself as much as anyone. All this is achieved by God in and through the Holy Spirit at work in and through our gifts and our weaknesses.

So, as we travel through May together we’ll be exploring the person of the Holy Spirit throughout the bible, looking to Pentecost. I am praying, hoping and expecting that God will do great things through us.


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