Highbury Church Partnership

Many of you will be aware that Cotham and St Paul’s will begin an interregnum on January 5th when Paul Roberts and Jennifer Cooper leave to go to pastures new. This will mean that Mat will be at one of these churches on one Sunday a month, and Joyce will continue to serve there on one Sunday every quarter. The interregnum may have other knock on effects that are as yet undiscovered.

Do pray for Paul & his family, and for Jennifer as they move, pray for the wardens and lay leaders at Cotham and St Paul’s and for the whole church as they look to the future. And pray for St Matthew’s as we seek to support them.

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Church Decoration

We will be decorating the church for Christmas this morning. All offers of help with the preparation and contributions of greenery etc. will be gratefully received.

Please contact Sue Rowlands if you can help.

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Community Christmas Giveaway

Join us to give out Christmas leaflets and mince pies to the local community—more details from Vicky.

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Saturday Morning Playtime

For families with young children, 3rd Sat of every month at St Matt’s. Join us for breakfast, coffee, newspapers, chat & family fun activities.

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